Tokenization Infrastructure for Public and Private Blockchain

TokenArchitech empowers financial institutions, fintech companies, and Web3 disruptions with robust token creation and distribution solutions to accelerate digital asset innovation.

Our Capability 

TokenArchitech is an advanced financial services technology that enables token creation and distribution across major public blockchain networks.

Interactive Interface

The software provides an interactive interface to create, distribute, and exchange tokens.

Activity Tracking

The backend user management system allows platform operators to track all transactions

Historical Statements

Generate historical statements for accounting and reporting purposes.


Token Architech capabilities include:


Tokenization of assets across major blockchains


User onboarding with unique wallets


Friendly interface to monitor wallet and tokens


Exchange function to swap digital assets


Distribution of tokens to users and counterparties


Activity tracking with backend dashboard


Interaction with existing payment system via API

TokenArchitech is blockchain agnostic. You can issue and manage tokens on multiple EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible networks, such as Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Cardano, Tron. We can also integrate with other popular chains like Solana, Stellar, Polkadot, or any private blockchain networks.


Case Study

The core development team first built a token launchpad for Tokenomy in 2018. The launchpad has supported 8 different token projects and managed over 300,000 users. Users are able to exchange tokens with major crypto assets with the built-in exchange function. Market makers are able to provide token liquidity via API. 


Supported different token project


Managed user

Learn More About Us

TokenArchitech software can work with any public blockchain and will be interoperable to private blockchain networks. The team is capable of developing customized solutions to enable your organization to embark on your new blockchain token initiatives. Please contact us for more information.